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We Design

Racks Industries has a wealth of knowledge gathered over 20+ years delivering a full range of services – design, manufacture and installation of Cantilever Racks and other Industrial Storage Solutions.

We Manufacture

We produce our whole range of products right here in the UK. Click here to find out more about or manufacturing processes, materials and accreditations.

We Install

Our storage systems are installed by experts. A ‘budget’ solution may fail sooner than expected. A well-built but incorrectly installed product could also fail unexpectedly. Our design, manufacture and installation services ensure you get the best of everything.

We support

Speak to a member of our team today to discuss your potential project.  We’ll work with you to find the most effective solution for your storage needs.

"Nene Storage Equipment Ltd have been working with Racks Industries for nearly 10 years, and over that time we have come to realise that the two companies hold the same values; honesty, commitment and quality. "

Gary ColemanContract Director - Nene Storage Equipment

“ Racks Industries offer a good product at competitive prices backed up with prompt and professional service levels to match our own.”

Vic MillerUnited Storage Systems Ltd

‘We often inspect Racks Industries cantilever racking at our client’s sites. This product performs well and we rarely encounter problems with its design or installation. More importantly for SESS, we find Racks Industries to be an open and professional business who have a positive and ethical safety culture. This is evidenced in their testing and quality management of their racking.’

Stewart HowardStorage Equipment Safety Services

“Our business relationship with Racks Industries Ltd goes back almost 20 years. We have always viewed them as very professional, competent and reliable in terms of handling quotes, orders and deliveries. The people over there at Racks are flexible and easy to get along with. We find their products to always be designed and produced to meet the markets demand for high quality racking products.
When it comes to custom orders like Mezzanines & our Steel Buildings, we can always rely on Racks Industries experience and accurate handling of the projects in terms of being very thorough in the design and documentation. Lagerteknik are proud to represent Racks Industries Ltd and supply their products in Scandinavia”

Fredrik WennerlundDirector: Lagerteknik, Sweden

"Every aspect of the order was problem free and we installed the rack without a hitch as all the required components were thought of and provided for, even variable packing plates. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this racking system... but not to our competitors!"

Roger AkersManaging Director: Bouchier Fencing

"Network rail strive to push for new ideas and money saving initiatives, and with the help of Racks industries we were able to produce a product that met our needs. The process started slowly and a few problems arose, but they were happy to help in any way they could and put their back into making us as a happy customer with a custom made Cable drum transport device. Chris Wilson was extremely helpful and was happy to assist with our needs. Overall a good quality service for a very affordable price."

Martin WaltersStores controller

"Nothing other than honest and helpful. Couldn’t ask for more!"

Phil RamsbottomDirector: Maximus Handling Ltd


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