Cantilever Racking Systems reduce costs, increase capacity and improve efficiency

Industrial Cantilever Racking and Storage Solutions designed, manufactured and installed to last.

Cantilever Racking Systems reduce costs, increase capacity and improve efficiency

Cantilever Racking from Racks Industries is the ideal solution for optimising stock efficiency and reducing your storage footprint.  Store long products, or goods of varying length vertically at varying heights.  We can supply single or double sided racking in any colour combination; or galvanised, providing supreme weather resistance for external applications.

Our Cantilever Racking is used extensively in the Timber, Steel and Extrusion industries as well as the General Storage sector.  Its modular design makes repairs simple and extensions even easier.  Our products are designed and engineered to last, with many existing installations lasting well beyond 20 years.

Racks Industries Cantilever Racking is a premium product from a recognised market leader & Full SEMA Member.  Full SEMA membership means our product has been independently tested, to ensure it complies with the SEMA Code – the industry benchmark code for Racking in the UK.

Racks Industries Ltd is the only SEMA approved manufacturer of “Hot Rolled” Cantilever Racking in the UK.



    Store products at heights of up to 10m and variable arm lengths.


    Reduce costs and increase productivity.


    To minimise product damage: They’re fitted to all arms as standard.


    76mm adjustment pitch or a Quick-Loc pitch of 100mm ensures maximum design flexibility.


    Reduce handling, allow easier stock rotation and a faster turnaround.


    Reduce wastage and improve presentation.


    Fitted to all bases to protect forklift truck wheels.

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We design, manufacture, supply and install professional, quality engineered and cost-effective cantilever racking and Industrial Storage Solutions. If you would like to talk to someone about a project just drop us a line and we will call you back.

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Support for Cantilever Racking

If you’re thinking of purchasing a Cantilever Racking system, give us a call for free help and advice.  If you’re already a customer and need spares or repairs, our extensive file archive goes back 20 years… so we can match your new parts to your original system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cantilever Racking

Q. Can your Cantilever take Pallets?

A. Yes it can, either supported by the arms, or, if they are smaller pallets, we can add rails and even shelves to accommodate pallets down the entire length of the rack.

Q. Do you do canopies?

A. Yes we do, you’ll find details on our website under the products tab.

Q. Can my single sided racking be made double sided?

A. Yes it can.  All our cantilever racking systems are built with this possibility in mind.  It’s a really simple process to add bases and arms to the rear side.  Likewise, double sided racking can be converted into single sided as easily.  None of these changes will affect the stability or integrity of the racking.

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