Quality Will Out.

By April 18, 2017 General news

Longevity, they say, is all.

Look around you… can you spot anything that you acquired 25 years ago, which is still around now?  Apart from friends and family, that is.  How old is your Television?  How long have you had your Car? The shorter the shelf-life, the more of it we’ll have to buy.  Stands to reason companies make it to break, these days.  Well, not all of them.  Back in 2015, I related a tale about some of our product that had been in situ for 20 years and was still going strong.  I came across another lot the other day that is nearer 25 years young.  Even our name was different back then.  We still have all the details of the job, of course.  Still make the parts for it.  If only everything was like that.  My laptop’s graphics card died recently.  It’s less than three years old.  Can I get another? Nah… that model was discontinued last year.  Well that’s just peachy.  Goodbye internet, hello land-fill.

So, this rack, now approaching its quarter-century, is currently at the top of my mental leader board. I suspect, however, that there are contenders out there, waiting to be discovered, ready to steal its crown.  Still quite an achievement, though.  I wonder how many times it’s paid for itself over the years.

It’s lasted that long because it was built to last that long; not to be cheap and cheerful.  We don’t use folded cold-rolled steel, only hot rolled heavy steel sections… even on our pallet racking; (which is why you won’t find our kit on YouTube under the title “Racking Collapse”).  We’re not the only ones to use hot-rolled, obviously… but we are one of the best.  After all, we’ve been at it for a very long time.  We’ve had no reason to change much.

Thankfully, in some little corners of our break-neck world, profound changes still manage to happen very slowly.  That’s not always a bad thing… just ask Charles Darwin.  Our company and our product may have evolved somewhat over the years, but essentially it’s the same at the core.  By looking back, we can see the road we travelled and how we arrived here.

In a world that’s forever yelling “New & Improved”, that kind of continuity is sort of comforting, don’t you think?  After all, if it ain’t broke…

If you have a need for Cantilever racking, call us for a quote.  It could be the only quote you need for the next 25 years.