Our Guide Rails can be designed to your unique specifications and fitted to suit your requirements.

Guide Rails and Storage Solutions designed, manufactured and installed to last.

Our Guide Rail systems are a tried and tested way to maximise the efficiency of forklift trucks while operating in a warehousing or industrial environment.

Guide Rails are designed to allow forklift trucks or other mobile warehouse equipment to move freely and safely along the aisles. At the most vulnerable entry point of each aisle, the rails are tapered in to guide the forklift into the main storage areas. The operator can maintain high travel speeds as he is able to fully concentrate on the operational and hydraulic elements of the job.

Ask to see our Guide Rails in use. We’ll provide testimonials from satisfied customers too, so you know that Racks Industries is the right choice for your business.



    Enables a fast, efficient materials handling system to operate


    Protects staff, racking and merchandise from injury and damage


    Fabricated in sturdy mild steel to withstand considerable impact


    Competitive pricing across our range of products

Guide Rails Gallery

Need help with a Guide Rails project?

We design, manufacture, supply and install professional, quality engineered and cost-effective cantilever racking and Industrial Storage Solutions. If you would like to talk to someone about a project just drop us a line and we will call you back.

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Support for Guide Rails

Guide rail systems from Racks Industries come in a range of heights and designs.  They facilitate the usage of guided FLTs to make stock movement smooth and simple.

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