Quick-Loc Systems improve efficiency by reducing the time & manpower needed to reconfigure the arm heights

Quick-Loc Cantilever Racking Solutions designed, manufactured and installed to last.

Originally designed with Timber Stockists in mind, our Quick-Loc™ Arm is now currently in use across many trades which use forklift trucks.

The Racks Industries Quick-Loc™ Arm has a flexible connection which minimises damage to the system and the product.

The Quick-Loc™ Arm is connected to the Cantilever Racking column by an eccentric stud through a keyhole slot.

The connection is easily detached from the column once the safety catch is released, and is as easily replaced, with no loose items to lose or specialist tools required.  The arm is vertically adjustable in 100mm increments.

This connection allows the arm to be removed or relocated in just 3-5 seconds, without the use of tools.

Flexibility is also a built in design feature. If an arm connection is rigid, as in a welded or bolted arm, damage can instantly be done to the column or arm when impacted by a forklift truck; which in most instances will render that arm position unusable and necessitate repairs. The Racks Industries Quick-Loc™ Arm has a flexible connection, allowing the arm to deflect sideways or upwards under impact, thereby minimising damage to the system and the product.

Quick-Loc™ Arms are designed specifically for side loader forklift trucks, allowing easy loading of the base position of Cantilever Racking, instead of double stacking on the base, trapping the lower pack, or manual loading.

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Ask to see our Cantilever Racking in use. We’ll provide testimonials from satisfied customers too, so you know that Racks Industries is the right choice for your business.



    Store products at heights of up to 10m and variable arm lengths.


    Reduce costs and increase productivity.


    To minimise product damage: They’re fitted to all arms as standard.


    Integral safety catches, no loose cotter-pins


    In a fraction of the usual time


    Reduce wastage and improve presentation.


    Fitted to all bases to protect forklift truck wheels.

Quick-Loc Cantilever Racking

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Support for Quick-Loc Cantilever Racking

If you have any questions about your existing Quick-Loc system, or are interested in how Racks Industries Quick-Loc Cantilever can save you time, effort and money, give us a call today on 01274 551170

Frequently Asked Questions About Quick-Loc Cantilever Racking

Q. Is Quick-Loc a "Pin & Cotter" system like mass-produced racking systems I've seen?

A: No, there are no loose cotter-pins to lose.  Our safety catches are integral to the arm assembly and can’t go astray.

Q: So how do the arms connect to the column?

A: The arm connects by a case-hardened eccentric locking pin, which locates into the teardrop shaped holes and ensures the arm is secure.  For extra safety, each arm has a safety catch, so that the pins cannot bounce out of the holes, even under accidental impact

Can I use Racks Industries Bolted Arms on a Quick-Loc Column?... or vice versa?

A: Yes & No… Bolted arms can be utilised on a Quick-Loc Column, but not the other way around.

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