Design – Manufacture – Install

Racks Industries has a wealth of knowledge gathered over 30+ years delivering a full range of services – design, manufacture and installation of Cantilever Racks and other Industrial Storage Solutions.

We use our knowledge and experience throughout our design, manufacture and installation processes, so we always deliver a first class range of services. All our products – Cantilever Racking, Coil Racking, Canopies, Fully Clad Rack Buildings, Vertical Racking, Pallet Gates, Mezzanine Floors, and Industrial Staircases – are designed to ensure we deliver the best balance of quality and value for money to meet your needs.

We provide:-

  • Accurate evaluation of your requirements and system specification.
  • Rapid same day quotation service on our standard product range.
  • Advice on maximising operational efficiency and other cost saving measures.
  • Project Management from order through to completion if required.
  • Rack inspections, servicing and repairs by fully trained and accredited staff
  • Manufacturer’s Design Conformity Certificate.
  • Replacement Parts Service for all our Cantilever Racks, Vertical Racks and Pallet Gate Systems

We lead on Health and Safety and actively pursue the best in industry standards. In addition to all the usual certificates and training, we have also invested in the following:-

  • CDM Co-ordinators and a CDM Competent design team.
  • SEIRS registered Site Supervisor.
  • Eurosafe accreditation
  • CHAS accreditation
  • In-house training of sub-contract installation teams and issuing of competence certificates.

For more information on the benefits of using health & safety accredited contractors, please visit the following links:-

SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association)

Health & Safety Executive
CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme)

Racks Industries – Helping you get the best return on your investment

Our storage systems are designed and built to last, and installed by experts. A ‘budget’ solution may fail sooner than expected. A well-built but incorrectly installed product could also fail unexpectedly. Our design, manufacture and installation services ensure you get the best of everything. Your investment in a Racks Industries industrial storage solution is guaranteed to be the most cost effective option.

 For more information or a quotation please Contact us.

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